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LOSS...Collected Poems on a theme

a song cycle in progression, building the sense of loss in its portraits and in the inherent drama of the emotional content.

This is a collection of poems based on grief upon the loss of friends and loves through misunder-standings, betrayals and ultimately death.It ia about the essence of loss which is a natural part of life. Dying need not be the ultimate loss of life but there is also loss through a broken heart or spirit. The need to recover from loss is not an easy path. Friendship, the price to pay for love, is all part of taking the risk in living. It's better to live and love than not to have lived at all. The poems start with defining friendship, then concern themselves with death, next the reactions to death, followed by the tributes to several friends who died, and finally the ode to death which calls upon death in its social context.

To Ruth.. carers of this worldTo Dear Bill Kenwright…06To an English Rose, Georgina /04
‘Whither thou goest …I will goi spoke with god and said,Georgina Brown, a special lady
Your people…my people’he may not look itEyes not blue, hair not gold
said Ruth the Moabite,but he is one of your angels...Who is she that I behold?
a symbol of loyalty…not the kind that invests in shows...Hands so soft and pastry cold.
the rock …the glue of family.but one of your true heralders.Yet on horseback she is bold!
There is no root…give him your best house seat in heavenMother, writer, alive with life
no lily of the field…give him your best house seat in heavenRaising children and still a wife
without a Ruth.and if your theatre is too vastWriting in images for her column
I sing in praise of herthen put him in the front row,Who’d believe her being solemn?
I sing her name.he’s very particular where people sit.Yet she is the English rose
She feeds the hunger of love 'why such special seating? ' god askedNot eluding her critic pose
preparing safe groundwell, said i, he gave me back my future!Writer and mother to the core
for a glow of future….he has given a future to so many.The reddest rose forevermore.
Less of Ruth, is less of loveisn't that the greatest gift of all? 
And more of her is love of life! from batman 
The Mystery of Elyse…September/19The Mystery of Blanche and Jenny…July/10Lucille’s Death…April 4/99
Fire and water, life’s elements togetherThe pathways long, the end is nearGently into the night…
Direct the base of Earth’s weatherTo you my friend… please lend an earPass the days of our delight
Extinguish one with just the otherThe drizzle of rain, the patter of dew, Now in deep commitment fold
Yet in unison, it created steamthe chattering leaves, the flowering few The many years to yet be told.
Evolving the man-made machinethe bending of bows, the belly of hillsTime stands still or flies away
Changing the world into this extreme.the hand of you that always fills But memory will make it stay
Fire and water are a fugal forcethe rolling green of man’s loot.And you, my friend of many years
Erupting at will, or from a controlled source.You the wind and I the root.I cannot shed that many tears
Fire like passion will explodeYou travel far in restless pursuitYou lived your life both full and rich
Water breathes life to nature’s moldover many lands of honey and fruit And ended it at a high pitch,
Trees grow, birds fly….while I dig deep into solid earth Time will not wage war with you
Life itself does multiply.planting seeds for constant birthYou walked that mile, the last to do
Fire and water are Elyse’s fashiontravelling in my mind’s eye. In full spirit, sound in mind
Fragmenting with fiery passionYou need the root to fly the skyRest in peace, leave us behind
Or watering life with tender careWhat brings we two of such contrast And we will feed the loving kind
A free spirit, aspiring to friendship intertwined to last?To bless them in your memory
Fly, oh fly, migrating soul….To Jenny Lee I sing my songFor all the world to happ’ly see.
Keep moving the light to create the whole!of friendship’s magic lasting long.To keep aflame the love we must
  So to survive the pain of trust.
On the Death of My Friend Flora Roberts...December12/98To My Margo, wherever she may be in her Alzheimers Christmas 2011To Margo who died on my birthday January 17/13 my lasting friend
She heard, she listenedMargo, my sweet MargoMy Margo is no more
She spoke, she sawwith hair of dangling blondeShe died twice over, once before
She walked alonewhose musing eyes respondThat willowy form, her flowing blonde hair
But not anymoreto any grief or painIs gone. She is no longer there.
She loved, she rememberedwithout need to explain.Her laughing eyes, her gifted mind
But as we pineA candy-stick of sweetnessJust disappeared….I could not find
We'll love and rememberIn her long-limbed discreetnessThe girl I knew who lost my name.
Our Flora's timeWhere did you disappear?She truly died without acclaim.
We'll miss the witHave you found another sphere?But will live on in my heart and soul
The caustic tongueWhere do all those musings go?For the love we shared has paid its toll
We'll miss the warmthWhere are you? We should know! 
And care that sprungThough you may rise above  
From a free soulyour spirit, vested with love 
Whose song is sung will remain....with us below 
Pierre's Portrait...December 11/98Jackie’s Ring…the old and the newTo Manja ... July 3/03
The cigarette drooped, chat continuedAn unsuspected postal gift,I know a lady of many days
While ash upon ash, fell as drops of rainA coincidence at play,Who’s queen of all that she surveys
Pearls of wisdom spilled with the ashA new ring, to match old earrings,And with her beauty nobly reigns
Who could lose the drift of his tone?I happened to wear todayDespite despair of all her pains.
Smiles of his eyes, the ironic mouthA heart-shaped ring carried heartShe is just, majestically fair
The words tumbled, the concepts grewExuding Jackie's presenceShe is gifted and attentive in care
This Renaissance man who lived his artIt was alive and warm with loveBut like drops of rain in constant motion
Will we see his likes again?It was alive and warm with loveWhich fall and splatter in commotion
He made his exit, he knew just whenAs Jack and Johnny and Larry tooSo is life my dearest friend
We cannot question his time again.Have touched the heart so rightlyIts chaos reigns until the end
No goodbyes to well loved PierreThey've fed a friendship of many years 
His soul is searching, his spirit's here.Still burning ever brightly. 
To Norman Lawrence at 91 in /05To Gentle Gigi....February 13/00 Natasha Parry.Brook Dec 2/30 - July 22/15
The dancing feet, the bell-sound voiceThe cherub has gone....Cherry blossoms with delicate sighs
The pressed trousers, the shirt of choicethe blond curls, the sweet smile,so was Natasha with those sweeping eyes
Immaculate image. Yet with chaotic Springthe loving gentleness, the playing host,Falling petals that touched the ground
Adds to summer’s flowering.the immaculate grooming...are gone,covered all that she could surround.
His arrows point to France or Romethough his presence remains.Those petals may fade away
But his pathway led him homeHe stood firmly, stubbornly clearbut leave a mark that will always stay
Alive and vibrant, hot and coldWith a brave heart so rightly dearon those she loved with such devotion
Here’s to Norman, who’ll never grow old!Who now will fill the void that’s here?and brought such strength with her emotion.
Upon My Beautiful Jacky’s Death February 18/00To My Bereaved Jack....February 18/00To Anna Sosenko.....June 9/00
In perfected symmetry was how she lookedHearts do not break though we feel they doShe was my old friend, deep and true
Whatever she touched became an artJacky will long live on through youA sharp-bladed mind to always see through
Each friend, each relation was in her heartDon't bury her spirit, don't weep for her soulWith a tongue to match, that fettered no fools
She leaves a long shadow that will prevailLet her breathe into you and make you whole.Using energy as fuel, knowledge that cools
And fill the emptiness of our travail.Where can her brilliance be held in store?