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LOSS...Collected Poems on a theme

a song cycle in progression, building the sense of loss in its portraits and in the inherent drama of the emotional content.

This is a collection of poems based on grief upon the loss of friends and loves through misunder-standings, betrayals and ultimately death. It is about the essence of loss which is a natural part of life. Dying need not be the ultimate loss of life but there is also loss through a broken heart or spirit. The need to recover from loss is not an easy path. Friendship, the price to pay for love, is all part of taking the risk in living. It's better to live and love than not to have lived at all. The poems start with defining friendship, then concern themselves with death, next the reactions to death, followed by the tributes to several friends who died, and finally the ode to death which calls upon death in its social context.
FRIENDSHIP - LoveBreaking Friendship In Friendship Scorn
the loss of a leg,Be kind my friend.... unbendHe spoke in spite
amputationNot to me or to memoryActed in scorn
feels the leg still there.But within yourself... amend.It was about nothing.
The aura of where it wasWe've loved as friend to friend Magnified into a storm
still there.On tumultuous groundWhat matters is the cause
The flesh is goneIs age to see it end?When trust is killed
the inherent spaceSoil packed firmly The wound will scar
space...its shapeBreathes and groomsWith no trust willed.
shape in spaceTrees bend, not break
still there.By swirling winds
 Skies shimmer blue and gold
And so it is with friendsDefying sulphur fumes.
In profound love.We've loved and lost
Love is then a force,Countless friends
A base of life.Will age still beat
Love a mover, a shaperAn aching heart
Love a doer, giver, trusterAnd overturn the pathway
Is still there.Of friendless ends?
 Alive with pain
And the love one lostWhose pangs prove life
Amputated....gone....Like earth and sky
Not there?So will we find our way
No, it's still there.And love, love, love
Love the force,Till breath runs dry.
A base of life. 
Love a mover, giver, truster 
Is still there 
For the one who loves. 
MYSTERY OF FRIENDSHIPPartingIn Friendship Torn: /05
What mystery liesPaths cross or leadThe heart may weep…shed bitter tears
In friendship bornTo new paths...or oldOn friendship altered beyond all years
What links...what needsWill you walk with me?The trust, the care, the need of belief
Cause us to be friends?And for how long?Is somehow stripped, leaving wounded grief
Broken ends are notWe have walked Where are the days one cherished so
As simple as they seemOn such familiar groundWhen feeling safe kept an inner glow
Quarrels may not break the linksFor so long a timeTo suddenly find the path o’rturned,
Nor breaks cause quarrels.Did I not knowWith dangerous bruises deeply burned,
Love in friendshipThe parting of the ways?Thus embedding the hurt of today.
Endures love in love.The change of pathThen search the past where the heart may stay.
Yet friendships may breakThat I should walk alone?Yet past is past, face the hurt of today
From alternative growths.Was it a word...or deedStill…memory alone may win the day.
Or deepen in mutual historyThat put an end to friendship?
Within the mysteryOne deed does not cause dying.
As they are born.Wherever, whenever
 The divided ways began
 Long before it died.
 So gently it crept
 I did not see
 Until the tugging and the tearing.
 Then its death came with relief.
 Is wounded friendship
 Always at death's door?
 Love on its own survives
 Friendship's death.