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LOSS...Collected Poems on a theme

a song cycle in progression, building the sense of loss in its portraits and in the inherent drama of the emotional content.

This is a collection of poems based on grief upon the loss of friends and loves through misunder-standings, betrayals and ultimately death. It is about the essence of loss which is a natural part of life. Dying need not be the ultimate loss of life but there is also loss through a broken heart or spirit. The need to recover from loss is not an easy path. Friendship, the price to pay for love, is all part of taking the risk in living. It's better to live and love than not to have lived at all. The poems start with defining friendship, then concern themselves with death, next the reactions to death, followed by the tributes to several friends who died, and finally the ode to death which calls upon death in its social context.

DEATH - The DyingAFTER DEATH - EternityIn Once-Was Legacy
Do not dieI sit upon a chair....Once upon a time
until you are dead.An antique pieceAnd not that long ago
Dying is in us allIt will be hereYet it is
yet we live on.Long after I am goneOnce upon a time
 And carry the ghostWhen the world
Do not call for DeathOf who I was.Opened into fields of green
And wait for himDid a young man first sitAll newly green and leafy,
But live till he calls upon you.Upon this seat?Ideals fired us all
Be not afraidWishing to set sailDevotion was our call
Pain unbearableTo some strange land And a better world to come
Is still being alive.Than to be safely home?Gave us hope.
Pain will passAnd why should you, a chairOrwell's world was fantasy.
As will our lifeOutlive my life?No sacrifice
Too soon.....too soon.And so many lives before.No special act
Tread firmly on the ground It was how it was
Each step endureYet you once livedAnd art grew
And so enterYour bark grew thick and toughFrom nurtured roots.
The new worldAs it spread upward, outward 
Still to come.Aged with time.The leaves are withering
The life force left behindYour roots dug deeply into earthThe spirit fails
Is yet unknown.Each year fuller....strongerWe search for good
Walk firmly on the groundAnd resurrecting withAs Orwell's world
Neither the bang nor the whimperNew born springly leaves,Becomes reality.
Precedes the end.Filling sap in the veinsLook to new worlds
Silence has strengthOf trunk and branch.Opening into fields of brown
To strike the airSomeone struck your lifeWorn by time.
And bend the windInto lifeless form.Fallow ground grows fresher crop.
Whispering unsounded sounds.And now you live on....and on.Keep tilling the soil
 Would there be life in youWhen I am gone
Do not dieWere you still a tree?Let them know
until you are dead. How it was
Dying is in us all How it still may be.
yet we live on. Light my candle
  Lead the way.
  The narrow climb
  Illuminates a few
  But there is hope.
  The unlit candle
  Leaves only darkness behind.
Death's CircleRecall in RetrospectDeparted Spirit
They has come to an end.The joy of recallI heard you entering the room
But is there an endTo conjure shared moments pastI could not see
To a circle?Now....the of now...moving the pastI felt your presence all around
Is it a circle?To this moment.Yet I could not see
Or is it the end?I heard....I saw todayYou were everywhere
And if it is the endThe passions once feltAnd still I could not see.
Is it a straight line?The revelations....of love....of soul 
Or line that swerves?Brought to a pulsating beatMy eyes gazed on open space
Running circles within itselfIn a souless world.I could not see
Making straight lines curvaceous?But for youI felt the displaced air
 My recall could notRefilling itself
And has come to some end.Bless the greatnessWith an energy
Is not the actionOf earth and skyYet you were not there.
Or the meaningOf sea and sand 
Of the end, the end?Of sunrise and sunsetIs the presence felt
One does not dieOnly you, long gone,A ghost or a mirage?
All at once.Can still makeOr life in another being?
Dying comes in stagesThe recall a joy.It was you I felt
When the brain desists. And now I weep
When it haltingly stops For what once was.
Then death is on call. 
Not all at once 
But from place to place. 
When is the moment of death? 
Who knows the moment 
Of death as it travels. 
It did not die at once 
The dying came in stages 
On an unmapped journey. 
The Mystery of the EndPassing of Friendship - Christmas 2011Face of Love
The pathways long, the end is nearThe measure of friendship remains unscaledI saw the face
To you my friend… please lend an earIt’s not a tool to be lightly hailedThe face of him I loved
The drizzle of rain, the patter of dew,It needs the feeding of loving careAnd love
The chattering leaves, the flowering fewTo share the laughing and despairI saw the face
The bending of bows, the belly of hillsTo be aware of someone dearAgain and again.
The magic of life that always thrills.To turn the path away from fearDistant and in a stranger.
Then change to the rolling greenIt’s not a mile to walk to themStranger stay with me
And see the end of what has beenBut leaping steps that are quite nearStranger you may be
In the grasping hand of man’s loot.Just like a two-way walk affair.But how like his face
He the wind but I the root.Time itself will bless its birthWhich I can see
He travels far in restless pursuitTime alone will prove its worthWithin the stranger
Over many lands of honey and fruitSo if I sadly say goodbyeWhose face belongs to me.
While I dig deep into solid earthTime itself has passed us by.
Planting seeds for constant birth
Travelling in my mind’s eye.
You need the root to fly the sky.
Death..and Passing of FriendsDeparted BirthdaysDeath in War
The measure of friendship remains unscaledDo not count the death days goneGently into the night…
It’s not a tool to be lightly hailedOf friends through many yearsThe days have passed
It needs the feeding of loving careRemember the days of happy youthWhere deep commitment
To share the laughing and despairAnd those through wisdom's tears.One had hoped would last.
To be aware of someone dearEach birthday was another climbYears come, Years go
To turn the path away from fearTo where we wanted to beAs hollow death cries out for more
It’s not a mile to walk, but nearAnd so we share a million stepsHumans die or grow old
With leaping steps a two-way affair.To our eternity.But it’s Time itself that wages war
Time itself will bless its birth  And all the days and nights grow cold.
Time alone will prove its worth
So if one sadly says goodbye
Time itself will pass us by.
The StrangerThe Grieving Heart
Welcome home from where you cameHearts do not break though we feel they do
You may have changed in form,Love itself will see you through
Yet I will know just who you areDon't bury the spirit, don't weep for the soul
A soul against the storm.But breathe into it to make you whole.